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Outwave DAO Documentation

Welcome to Outwave DAO

Outwave is the first all-in platform that gives freedom to manage communities and events through NFTs.

It's specifically designed to help users who want to:

  • regain control of the event management process without depending on any third party
  • create NFT memberships for publishers of event organizers
  • digitalize and sell any physical asset as NFT digital twins

We want to support underground cultures that are the cradle of new ideas and experimentation yet need to see their value recognized.

To give you back your value, to give you a voice, and to provide you with a space in the current market.

A new environment is needed to make this happen, and we can create it together.
We have the tools. We can break the barriers.
We can grow and thrive together by leveraging your wisdom to create a transparent community-governed, decentralized ecosystem for web 3.0.

Before reading more, be sure to first check out our app and come back to this page! We are still in an early stage, but we have already delivered many features and are growing daily.

Why do I need a blockchain solution for this?

Through blockchain technology, we want to allow each user or organization to manage content, assets, and memberships directly with their communities without any implied middleman.

Managing communities through NFTs provides major advantages:

  • Users and their relations do not depend on the platform or any third-party data. Users own their content and their own data.
  • NFT can represent any physical good that can be sold,  moved, or traded before the actual physical claim.
  • NFT can be sold or purchased by granting anonymity and privacy 
  • NFT can provide royalties in the primary and secondary market
  • NFT Tickets and NFT Memberships have plenty of advantages described at this link

Blockchain technology, specifically NFT, is a disruptive technology aimed at fixing problems created by current technology and the monopoly of high-tech corporations. 

Outwave wants to democratize access to Blockchain, with tools specifically designed for any type of creator, by providing a simple user experience for people willing to explore and use this technology with their communities.

Our mission

Reshaping the way how creators manage and sell their work or product to their communities is Outwave’s main mission.
We want to support underground cultures that are the cradle of new ideas and experimentations, struggling to find space in current market laws.

Our mission is to create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that will be entirely led by the community, which will own the platform’s economics, features, and development.

We want Outwave to grow bigger thanks to the community and, ultimately, to be led by the community with no central authority.

Our goal is to leave the board and let Outwave DAO live through the blockchain. As a result, event organizers and consumers will gain full freedom in event management while owning a platform that fully answers their needs.

To better understand what a DAO is, visit What a DAO is.

How can Outwave become a DAO?

The process that will gradually lead Outwave as a platform to Outwave DAO goes from launching the platform with its core functionalities to selling Outwave NFTs.

The $OUT token will allow Outwavers to participate in the decision-making process on how and what feature to develop in the future while also receiving a pay-out reward from all the platform’s revenue.

This means that if you participate in the governance through the $OUT tokens, you will gain voting power on the next features to add to the platform or important decisions to make on Outwave-related topics.

Outwave as a platform will continue to grow and thrive while shaping itself on the latest needs of the community that will lead it together to achieve a common goal - to give full freedom and anonymity to underground communities to grow and thrive together by leveraging the wisdom of the crowd to create a community-governed, transparent, and decentralized ecosystem for web 3.0.

What is Outwave DAO?

Outwave is an all-in-one platform that gives you back the freedom to create and manage your underground communities through NFTs.
  • Create, buy, find, and sell NFTs with extra utilities
  • Manage your collections, memberships and events and earn from the secondary market

Stake $OUT Tokens to join the governance of the first DAO for your underground events.